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Rescue Rover Concept Rendering: A plastic robot which uses an internal pendulum to navigate into and through tight gaps. Primarily designed for use in the aftermath of earthquakes, it is designed to be lowered into void of buildings to search for survivors, as well as allowing rescue workers, not necessarily firemen, locate people in burning buildings etc.
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It is fitted with a small camera and two way radio to help rescue workers control it & give survivors the best possible change of being spotted by rescue workers.
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Only about twice the size of a tennis ball, the rescue rover could navigate through fallen buildings and using its attachable cable it could quickly be pulled back out.
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A concept rendering for an avalanche safety product which fires a projectile into the air before you are hit by an avalanche. It then lands on the surface after you have been buried under snow, alerting witnesses and rescue workers to your location using string. Attached to your upper arm, it is safe and sleek.
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(I do not take credit for any photos used in this image, just the rendered image Photoshopped on them.)

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