Free Standing Table - Wooden top, with metal frame structure.
The "Trix" - Major for the "home office" requirement, and the excellent concept come from geomatrical "Triangle"
The "edge" - "edge" was using the mixed material applied, alluminium, metal, glass, and chipsboard.
WingSpan Manager Table - Using mixed material effect, die-cast, chipsboard, metal sheet, metal compartment and alluminium.
The Grand Series Table - The Grand Series Table was completed with mixed material, Metal, Chipsboard, and Stainess Steel Tube
Free-Standing Table (WingSpan Series)
The Edge
The Edge
The Edge
The Edge - Office Table
Free standing table - Panel screen open plan system
SE Table - Panel screen open plan system
SE free standing table - Panel screen type with cable management desking system
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Cosmo desking system - Is a simple desking+cable management system, and It's suitable for Telemarketing, IT and those group workforce.
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Loft storage desking system - Loft storage desking system will provide storage, function and workplace solution system. The system also provide completed cable management.

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