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Innovation in Portable Boating - The GO is a unique approach to
portable boating. It allows the user to customize his or her recreational boating experience. Other than the folding feature, the most notable
function lies within the users choice to paddle in a circular motion with arms or legs. When preparing for a trip to lake or river, the user simply places all necessary items into the boat. Once at the water, the product is easily opened and ready
to GO.
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Bath Buddy - The Bath Buddy is a solution for many problems surrounding bathing a toddler. The focus for this project was to create a product that allows for a more comfortable and productive experience for the child and the parent. Instead of kneeling the bather is comfortably seated and angled over the tub for maximum reach and control. When the bath is finished, the bather can slightly lift their weight and slide backwards revealing a drying and dressing surface.

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