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ruffit - I like adventuring. I don't like just stay at home during weekend, my eyes should see something new look, dramatic or event maybe tragic, to heat my energy ha ha ha...
Ruffit is using existing bottom. it is one of my shoes which created in so many various colorway and in mule version as well. this is Q106 reebok collection
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ruffit II - As gate keeper of proportion for all development creation, I have to revised all the first pullover.
This job is not only identify & modify shell pattern to follow the concept, but also add something less on it.
for me.. product also has a soul... parts... bones.. has details... circulation.. etc.

this model is Ruffit II, developed in Vietnam because of over capacity in Indonesia and we don't have the existing bottom.
I have to sent the complete packages and I have to supervise all process through the RVS.
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Impulse Runner - Began from reebok strategy to Compete in middle price of the Running product market. My team assigned to make a decent standard of products with price point in attractive design. The final design approved with $11 Fob for $65 retail price. This model was successfull with orders over 500K prs only at Indonesia Factory.
The bottom has been using in so many new various upper models for long time.
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yellow germ - customing shoe was very popular during 2003 to 2006. I tried to applicated some ideas to join this In Trend.
event bussy with many works in R&D Development, sometimes I created something outside of role.
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seamless & new species - Rat inside seamless shoe / one piece upper.... (I was thinking to use silicon with hot pressed mold).
The second one is a story about new species on the galaxy.. using original model for to make 3D look character on shoe.
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Ruffit. This shoe still displayed on store after years from lounched, LOL. thanks to anyone who wore this shoes.

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