I am Jolee A. Welcome to my journey, let me allow you into my brain, to get to know more about me. A way I like to describe where I'm from is, I was born in the Bx and raised in a comic book. Why? Well, I live for my art. I have been drawing, sketching and illustrating since 6 years old. I specialized in character design, storybook writing, and full-on graphic novel illustrations. After those years of passion, in 2014 I advanced to the arts of graphic design, photography, videography and creative direction. These passions literally pushed my skills and mind to a newer way of crafting. For instance, I began working for Social Media and marketing Agencies as a graphic designer and designed and used videography to capture experiences like pop up shops, musical events, art parties and adult industrial productions. Through these opportunities, I may have failed or succeeded but I laugh and lived till doors opened. Now, 2018, I am a Part-time Dog-walker, Barista, Private Photographer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and super chill Human. I'd love to be a helping hand to people that need my services, hope to hear from you soon! Jolee A.

Experience & Education