The project started with a workshop, gathering some 20 young teenagers from southern Sweden, where initial ideas about the community and the forum were explored. Four task forces were formed from the workshop and to work during the Spring of 2002 on the design of the online world, TV program format, social norms and practices of the community, and more.
An animated music video for the song Star by Swedish band Silverbullit (a.k.a. Citizen Bird). It was made as part of the Avatopia design process in order to explore a desirable eclectic visual style for the online forum.
Before launching the Avatopia community, four half-hour TV episodes were broadcast where three of the core Avatopia members travelled southern Sweden to carry out activist actions with locals. In this episode, they organized a grading ceremony at a local senior high school where students would grade their teachers. (Only in Swedish, sorry.)
A short clip in Swedish showing some of the user interface for the Avatopia online forum.

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