invertomatic chair - Goal: create a tool to assist supporting the body for no longer than 30 minutes while being transportable and acceptable in its environment Result: Invertly folding sling chair. Stability from front to back, requires support from legs side to side.
repositionable - lift with ease! - Problem: ergonomics correction working around existing competitors patents.
Solution: handle which swivels 360 degrees while allowing 20 degrees of tilt for maximum arm and hand positioning.
suntime - Gives the sense of time passing through the day. Designed for spaces that are occupied for extended periods of time that don't get direct sunlight, it displays time in a way that was used before clocks - with the changing of angle, intensity, and color of light.
functional privatizer - designed for studio the apartment with many valuables, this piece of furniture would block vision into the room from the door as well as occupy a specific collection of personal items.
busy mamma 2000 - instrument that aids in kitchen organization. keeps track of goods in stock and recalls recipes while remote accessory aids in shopping.

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