I am a toy designer specializing in the brainstorming, design and development of mechanical toy features and in the fabrication of mechanical toy prototypes and breadboards; and I am a sculptor who builds kinetic assemblages that move and make noise.

Work Samples

  • Preschool Toys

  • Girls Toys

  • Boys Toys

Work History

Joseph Feldman Los Angeles, CA 90036 jfeldmanstudio@gmail.com PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Freelance Toy Designer Design and fabrication of prototypes of mechanical and interactive toy concepts; August 2007 to present. Design Engineer, MGA Entertainment Designed mechanical and interactive features for Bratz fashion dolls, Babyz large dolls, small dolls and plush; acted as a consultant to several other departments in the company to study feasibility of and assist in the design of feature concepts; worked closely with and traveled to Asia to develop concepts with engineering staff at offices in Hong Kong and model shop in China; 2004-2007. Staff Designer, Mattel, Inc. Designed mechanical and interactive concepts for Barbie, Disney Classics dolls, and other brands; listed as sole inventor on several patents for features invented for Mattel; worked with marketing, research, costing, engineering and other departments to develop these concepts for manufacturing; built working prototypes of these concepts; acted as a resource for other designers to assist in the feasibility and design of features; 1993-2004. Mattel Special Projects: Project Platypus; One of twelve people selected from different departments throughout Mattel to participate in an experimental group design process; developed a line of interactive preschool learning toys. Designer-in-residence, Mattel Doll Lab, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab; Temporarily relocated to Cambridge, MA by Mattel to work with students and faculty in the graduate research programs at the MIT Media Lab, to investigate new technologies for toys; 1999-2000. Designer, Hasbro, Inc.; Researched and developed mechanical and technical toy concepts for Hasbro and Playskool divisions and built working prototypes of concepts; 1986-1989. Designer, Tomy Toys, Inc.; Designed and built mechanical toy prototypes; 1985-1986. Children's’ Furniture Designer, H.U.D.D.L.E., Inc.; Researched, designed and developed children's furniture and play equipment, and constructed full size prototypes; produced graphic and written instructions for consumer assembly of products; 1980-1985. EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Berkeley, CA. Master of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, CA.


University of California at Berkeley