Vacu-rake - This is a combination rake and vacuum/mulcher designed for the Dyson "Eye for Why" competition. The project was done in a group of three students. I did the Rhino model of the Vacu-rake and the Illustrator drawing of the person holding it. It won third place in the competition and will appear in some IDSA publications. Much research was done for this project. Evidence of research is available upon request.
"Flo" Outdoor Chair - This chair is blow molded out of polypropelene and can be stackable. It is meant for outdoor use. It won first honorable mention in the Collab competition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
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three - Embracing the varied postures used by purveyors of the modern lifestyle, three creates a unique opportunity to imbue the user with options not normally found in a chair.
Crystalline - This vase was based upon the material Lexan. It was designed to mimic a crystal vase and to appear very fragile, but in actuality would be sturdy as a result of the material used.
Sketches and Renderings - Just a small sample of my drawing skills.

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