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Carnival Cruise Tycoon PC Game - Developed and managed partnership with Activision to create a PC game using a cruise theme which was sold in retail stores.
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Carnival Doll - Managed the licensing partnership with Daron to create and sell a Carnival doll online and aboard ships.
Carnival Ship Models - Managed the licensing partnership with Dragon Models which allowed the sell of ship models
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Branded Merchandise to Commemorate Special Events - Developed and managed the partnership with Victory Store to create and sell Carnival-branded merchandise that commemorated special occasions celebrated during cruises.
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Licensing Program for Branded Merchandise - Managed the partnership with Daron Worldwide to create a retail line of Carnival-branded merchandise to sell aboard ships and online.
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Carnival Calendar - Developed and managed partnership with WillowCreek Press to create a specialty calendar using Carnival images and promotional copy.
Olsen Twins Video Shoot - Project lead for filming the Olsen Twins aboard a Carnival ship.
Filmed the Season Finale of The A-Team Aboard Ship during Mexican Cruise - Project lead to plan details, including contract negotiations, with Steven Cannel Productions and direct the onboard filming. Mr T is not pictured as he left the shoot mid-week unexpectedly which required a script revision.
Set of Steel Drum Instrumental Music CDs - Managed partnership with Tropical Music to create and sell Carnival-branded music CDs in retail outlets.
License to sell Carnival Air Lines Models - Expanded licensing program with Dragon Models to include the Carnival Air Lines mark.
Carnival Comfort Bed - Executed Carnival's licensing program with Harbor Linens which enabled consumers to buy the beds and linens they enjoyed during their cruise.
Carnival Fun Shop Offers Full Line of Branded Merchandise - Developed and managed Carnival's licensing partnership with Summit Marketing (Atlanta) where a complete line of travel related merchandise was sold online.
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"On Deck for the Cure" Aboard Carnival Ships - Project lead to develop a fleet-wide charity based program with the Susan G. Komen Foundation where over 50,000 guests participated in a special cruise activity.

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