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  • Jr Neville Songwe

    Industrial Designer

    Providence, RI

I am a confident, highly motivated, talented product and business development professional with broad experience in the U.S., Africa, Europe and Asia. I have over 10 years of practical hands-on product design and entrepreneurial experience. I am proficient in managing large multi-disciplinary teams to deliver complex, multi-faceted projects. I combine excellent strategic planning abilities with strong scope management skills to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. I hold a Bachelors in Fine Art, a Master in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design and four utility patents. I am fluent in English, Italian and French. Currently, I am the Principal of a product design firm, Joneso Design, and the Executive Director of Urban Ventures Inc., a state funded non-profit organization, providing entrepreneurship assistance. I have won several awards for my designs including the prestigious President Scholar and Industrial Design RISD Faculty Award. I have been featured in several national media outlets including CNN “The Next Big Thing”. I have guest-lectured at the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) to undergraduates and graduates students.

Work Samples

Work History

  • Founder & President

    At Joneso Design (www.jonesodesign.com), a product research, design and development firm. I generate design briefs and make presentations to potential investors and other financial stakeholders. I am responsible for driving the mission, strategy and operations in the company, including all the new product development, brand strategy and positioning, procurement and quality management. I oversee marketing, mass media, market research, package design and sourcing.

    Accomplishments: My flagship projects are: Police car interior redesign (Brijo), Manual wheelchair design and a Cup for persons with Parkinson and Essential tremors. I was able to offer the end-users a product that meets their needs in a cost effective way. I was also able to draw in a tremendous amount of free press and consequently secure private equity funding for the these projects. I attracted and retained great talent, and fostered a creative working environment.

    Skills Used: Product Design skills, User Experience and User Centered experience, Research skills, Modeling & Prototyping skills, Managerial skills, Entrepreneurial skills, Communication skills, Project Management skills, Stakeholder Management skills, Multi-tasking skills, 
2D & 3D Skills, Social Media skills.

  • Guest Lecturer

    • University of Rhode Island
    • South Kingstown, RI
    • Jul 2015 - Jul 2015

    BUS 499 ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Prof. Edward Mazze - Lecture topic: Design and Entrepreneurship, based on my experience.

  • Guest Lecturer

    • Rhode Island School of Design - Industrial Design Department
    • Providence, RI
    • Mar 2015 - Mar 2015

    BioMotive Human Powered Vehicles (HPV) – Prof. Khipra Nichols. Lecture topic: Logic Model and Value Proposition for Designers. Wrote out a syllabus for graduate and under-graduates.

  • Cell Phone designer

    • Curitel Seoul
    • Seoul, South Korea
    • Jan 2005 - Nov 2005 (10 months)

    At Curitel, I worked as a cell phone designer on the "Infortainment” design team. 
My responsibilities included: Researching and designing the next generation of cell phones (Infotainment) and user-experience, 
targeted at the American population between the ages of 15 – 25.

    Accomplishments: I successfully designed 20 concepts, generated 10 storyboard narratives, developed 3 cellphone designs and prototyped an innovative cellphone. My product research consisted of new material and properties, competitor research and market trends. I also designed the Graphic User Interface (GUI) for all the cell phone concepts models 
and worked with in-house engineers, model makers and CNC prototyping manufacturers, to bring the products to market.

    Skills Used: Research skills, 2D & 3D Design skills, Modeling & Prototyping skills, Peoples' skills, Communication skills, Project Management skills, Multi-tasking skills

  • Product Designer - Contractor

    • Item
    • Providence, RI
    • Jun 2005 - Aug 2005 (2 months)

    At Item, I worked as a design contractor, researching and designing the user/object interaction sequence for medical devices. My responsibilities included: Studying and documenting the relationship between the Proctologist (doctor), Nurse and 
Patient during a proctology examination for prostrate cancer. Researched and designed a new user interface for the medical devices used by the doctors and nurses during the proctology examination.

    Accomplishments: I successfully identified and developed a road map for patience interface with the medical services from patience entry to patience exist.

    Skills Used: User Experience and User Centered Experience, Research skills,
Communication skills, Project Management skills, Multi-tasking skills, 2D skills, Risk Management


  • Rhode Island School of Design

    • Masters Industrial Design MID
    • 2005
  • Istituto Superiore degli Industriale Artistiche

    • B.A Industrial Design & Visual Communication
    • 1999



- 2005 - RISD - Industrial Design Faculty Award - 2003 - 2005 - RISD - President Scholar - 1997 - 2000 - ADISU Scholarship