I am a self-taught person, only give me a manual an tell me where do i have to work. I like to simplify the design, my best skill is the function of the product and resolve problems between the product and the user

Work Samples

  • Babies

  • Firefighter Tools

  • Camera

Work History

Juan Carlos Franco 27046181 juancarlosfranco@arnet.com.ar Design skills: -Concept generation -3d modeling/rendering -Functional problems resolution -Materials composition -Sketching -3D prototyping (iron,fabric,wood) -Photo realistic computer renderings Software tools: -Rhinoceros -Autocad -Light wave -Photoshop -Corel -In design -Dreamweaver -Microsoft Word -Microsoft PowerPoint -Microsoft Outlook -Microsoft Exel -Thunderbird -Magicsign (plotter use) -Flash (banner design) -Movie maker Studies -6 years in El Obraje Institute Title: Maestro Mayor de Obra (It's a title based in Architecture) -11 years of English studies in IICANA - 5 years of studies in UNC-FAudi Title: Industrial Designer Work Ceryleg - Job - 1 Expositor for Ceryleg products Automapa Job - 1 Expositor for maps Candilandia Job - Packaging design Famep Job - Packaging Inforest - 6 years Industrial Designer





National University Of Cordoba


Innovar 2007 Product: Water Backpack Award: Second Place Innovar 2009 Product: Day pack Innovar 2010 Product: First Attack Machine In exposition at this moment