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The poster was created to support products manufactured in Israel. The candy gum is one of the most recognizable and affordable Israeli products that currently struggles to meet sale goals. As the market gets saturated with cheap foreign candy gum, familiar products need a new advertising look. The slogan of the campaign calls customers to buy Israeli products exercising their patriotism. This fun look is warm and dynamic, as the Mediterranean generosity, raising customers' desirability to buy a product to support the local economy.
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Creative CV

My personal information in this resume was deconstructed to little components and then structured in an unusual way. Linguistic details are layer out horizontally, while numerical details are stacked vertically. The proximity between linguistic and numerical values lead viewer's eye, guiding the reader through a peculiar maze of resume facts. By the way, this resume is written in hebrew.
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This project focuses on creating fictional models displaying young fashion clothes. Collage made characters contain consistent human parts, so they could be recognizable, but modeling new stylish clothes in a dynamic unusual way.

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