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Final version.

Title screen is colorful and fun. It reveals the happy play atmosphere. Also, it illustrates play's vital elements such as sun, earth, water and vegetation.

2. The ever present menu bar in the bottom part of the screen scrolls horizontally. It shows a player available options and other vital information, such as play score. The main menu allows player to choose from the pool of given elements to work with. The complexity of the elements will increase as the game becomes more advanced.

3. During the gameplay, a player designs personal landscape within a given domain. As the game progresses a player would be able to purchase additional land which will open a new options. Player can use hints to learn about sustainability and increase the score.

4. Various hints will give an information about the meaning of important keywords, brief statistics, and suggestions on a advices course of actions.
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Previous version:

The scoring system will summarize player's achievements and explain the score to the player.

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