Hunter Thompson, the author of the famous book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, said “It never got weird enough for me.” Thinking about this idea, all the places I've visited or lived in, I can say that my life gets amazingly strange from time to time. The global village we live in is so big and small, wide and narrow that nobody can be apathetic to life's amazing manifestations! At times, I feel like Alice in Wonderland, whose life becomes "curiouser and curiouser." Before I accomplished SFSU's BS, I used to work as a graphic editor in LaVoz Weekly, college newspaper, as a designer in print shop in Tel Aviv in Israel, and as Image Specialist at Zazzle in Redwood City, California. These experiences gave me a great background in print and digital medias. They equipped me with many professional and social skills which developed my creativity in unexpected angles. In addition to design, the health of our environment is a great passion of mine. Currently, I continue to work on my Good Shell packaging project, which will be presented on Zero Waste Youth Conference in San Francisco, on March 17, 2013. I truly believe that people can and will change their behavior to more earth-friendly, developing good habits for our children and future generations. Therefore, contemporary education needs to be holistic, including design, sustainable, business principles, and collaborative work across various fields to make amazing changes. I'd like to contribute to this evolution in my professional career as a designer. My additional interests include drawing, reading, cooking, gardening, and knitting. Thank you for taking interest, and feel free to leave feedback on my projects! Cheers, Julia


+ Graduated with honors (Magna Cum Laude)

Experience & Education