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  • Anthony Yankovic III

    Illustrator/Graphic Designer

    St. Petersburg, FL

Past work includes: Alien Workshop Skateboards, Foundation Skateboards, Dentyne Gum, Fift24SF Clothing, Complex magazine, K2 Snowboards, This, That, and the Other.

Work Samples

  • Skateboarding

  • Illustration

  • David & Goliath T-Shirts

Work History

WORK EXPERIENCE: 9/2014-Present Creative Artist NBA SME VF Imagewear- Majestic Creative artist and NBA Subject Matter Expert for the licensed sports apparel brand Majestic, official supplier for the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. 1/2008 - 9/2015 Creative Director & Sr. Apparel Graphic Designer David & Goliath Inc. www.davidandgoliathtees.com Responsible for illustration and graphic design work for the David & Goliath’s apparel line. Works in tandem with the Art Directors and Jr. Designers to create a funny and unique brand image. Also delivers trend-driven, creative artwork for the baby, tween, and male segments of the brand. An important participant in concept development and design of numerous David & Goliath licensed properties. 8/2001 - Present Independently Hired - Graphic Designer/Illustrator St. Petersburg, FL Art Direction, Design, and Illustration on a multitude of projects including all aspects of the casual apparel industry, skateboard and snowboard graphics, plus numerous album cover, editorial and packaging illustrations. Key clients include: Alien Workshop Skateboards, Foundation Skateboards, K2 Snowboards, Burton Snowboards, Tokion Magazine, Complex Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Dentyne Gum, Alive! Records, Tee Pee Records, Jansport Outdoor Products, 55DSL Clothing, Nike, and Upperplayground. SKATEBOARD, SNOWBOARD and APPAREL DESIGN : Foundation Skateboards (2004 - 2010) www.tumyeto.com Creator of numerous skateboard and T-shirt graphics for the Foundation Skateboard brand. Alien Workshop Skateboards (2006 - 2008) www.alienworkshop.com Freelance graphic designer for Alien Workshop Skateboards. Contributed artwork consistently for a span of 2 + years to Alien Workshop’s pro and limited edition series of skateboards. Ambiguous Clothing (2009 - 2010) www.ambiguousclothing.com Freelance illustration work for use on Ambiguous Clothing brand T-shirts and promotional material. Jansport - 2008 www.jansport.com Created graphics and patterns for use on 2 limited edition backpacks for Jansport’s “Artist Series.” K2 Snowboards - 2007, 2013 www.k2snowboards.com Created abstract illustrations and layouts for K2 Snowboard’s “Skyla” series. Created illustrated characters for K2 Snoboard’s 2013 Fastplant series. Upperplayground (2004 - 2006) www.upperplayground.com Freelance apparel designer for UpperPlayground and Fifty24SF clothing line. Featured artist on the UpperPlayground 2005 street art tour of Spain. Uniqlo 2005 www.uniqlo.com Created an exclusive T-shirt design for the Japan based clothing company Uniqlo. Black Black Clothing (2004 - 2005) www.blackblacklabel.com Freelance designer for Black Black Clothing. Designed the company’s current logo, as well as 6 separate T-shirt graphics. Jeenyus Snowboards - 2004 www.jeenyus.com Designer of 4 separate abstract graphics for Jeenyus Snowboard’s “Rental” series. Tyler Speed Clothing (2004 - 2005) www.tylerspeed.com Freelance designer for Tyler Speed Clothing. Including the 2004 “Radio Station” series sold in Urban Outfitters. 55dsl - 2003 www.55dsl.com Created 2 separate T-shirt graphics for the 55dsl limited edition FiveT5 series. Created original artwork for a group showing of contemporary black and white hand drawings. Coigirlmagic Clothing - 2003 www.coigirlmagic.com Featured “Artist of the Month” for MAGAZINE, a division of Coigirlmagic. Duties included the creation of 4 original T-shirt graphics for the Japan based clothing company. EDITORIAL + MISC. ILLUSTRATIONS: Case-Mate Inc. - 2010 www.IMakeMyCase.com Artwork created for customized cell phone and laptop cases produced by Case-Mate Inc. Stapley Hildebrand LLC. for Dentyne Gum - 2009 www.shredsf.com Illustrations created for use on Dentyne Gum packaging. Project directed by Stapley Hildebrand LLC. Alive Records (2006 - 2009) www.alive-totalenergy.com Album cover illustrations for the album “Brain Cycles” by Alive recording artists “ Radio Moscow.” Album cover illustrations for the self-titled album by Alive recording artists “Radio Moscow.” Tee Pee Records (2006 - 2007) www.teepeerecords.com Album cover illustrations for the album “Axiom” by Tee-Pee recording artists “ The Lovetones.” Album cover illustrations for the album “Greenland” by Tee-Pee recording artists “Teeth of the Hydra.” Nylon Magazine (2002 - 2008) www.nylonmag.com Limited edition T-shirt for Nylon Magazine and Urban Outfitter’s 2008 “Urban Legends” series. Illustration for the January 2007 “Counter Culture” article. Illustration for September 2003 “Nylon for Guys.” Illustration for the June/July 2003 “Music Issue.” Illustration for the November 2002 “Soft Focus” article. Illustrations for the October 2002 “Taste Gets Personal” and “Rubber Soul” articles. Burton Snowboards - 2005 www.burtonsnowboards.com Two 11 x 17 full color illustrations for the Burton Snowboard 2005 - 2006 Winter Catalog. Frankie Magazine - 2005 www.frankiemagazine.co.au Featured artist in the April/May issue of Frankie. Pound Magazine - 2004 www.poundmag.com Featured illustrator in the July/August “Art Issue” of Pound Magazine. Swindle Magazine - 2004 www.swindlemagazine.com Featured artist in Swindle Magazine Issue #1. Men’s Style (Australia) - 2004 www.acp.com.au Illustration of the “Porn Again Believer” article, for Men’s Style (Australia) Issue #5. Empty Magazine - 2004 www.emptymag.com Illustration of “Precious” for EMPTY Magazine Issue #1. Big Shot Magazine (2003 - 2004) www.bigshotmag.com Illustration of “Chuck D” featured in Issue #8. Featured in the article “8 Artists to Watch,” Issue #4. Morning Wood - 2003 Featured artist in Roger Gastman’s book Morning Wood. Published by Gingko Press, and available through www.amazon.com and www.medicineagency.com Complex Magazine - 2003 www.complexmagazaine.com Illustration of “The Strokes” for Nov/Dec issue. Illustration for Nike trading card insert in the Nov/Dec issue. Illustration for the “Sneaker Addicts” article in Aug/Sept issue. Muzik Magazine - 2003 www.muzik.co.uk Illustration of “Jazzie B” for Issue #98. Illustration of “Erik Sermon” for Issue #96. Tokion Magazine (2002 - 2004, 2008) www.tokionusa.com Featured artist in the book “Revisionaries: A Decade of Art In Tokion” Illustration of “Matt Hoffman” for Issue #40. Illustration of the “Kennedy Curse Conspiracy” for Issue#31. Personal portfolio reviewed in Issue #28. Anthem Magazine - 2002 www.anthem-magazine.com Illustration of “Sendai Japan” for Anthem Magazine Issue #7. WhileYouWereSleeping Magazine - 2002 www.whileyouweresleeping.com Illustration of “Bad Religion” for WhileYouWereSleeping Magazine Issue #17. Arkitip- 2002 www.arkitip.com Site specific illustration for Arkitip Issue #11. Vice Magazine - 2001 www.viceland.com Featured with illustrations published in Vice Magazine, Volume 8 Number 7. Education: Ohio University - Athens, OH www.ohiou.edu BFA in Graphic Design received in June 2001.


  • Ohio University

    • BFA Graphic Design Graphic Design
    • 1997 - 2001



2010 American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA | News Magazine