Vision on design In my view, our society tries to create a future by hanging on to too many things from the past. It is my goal to let go of norms and give radical innovation a chance to create true diversity between products. Therefore my approach towards design is based on breaking conventions. I am interested in redesigning existing products and showing them from a new perspective, redefining what a product can mean to the user, how it can look, what new functionality it can provide and how it can be controlled. Approach My strength is in exploring a wide range of design directions supported by low fidelity prototyping, making ideas tangible, experiential. I combine a wild imagination with a firm grasp on reality. Designing from a holistic approach, I take form, function and interaction as integral parts of a final design that can not be designed for separately, which is an approach heavily inspired by Joep Frens' PHD thesis.


Embedded camera stand competition by MEME & Samsung, our two person team won 3rd prize UPS clothing packaging competition, our three person team was part of the four finalists Dispensing cap mechanism competition organized by GrabCad, our two person team was in the final six. 'Lighting of the future' award competition organized by Konica Minolta, our two person team won the General award ID'12 exhibition during Dutch Design Week, my graduation project was awarded the 3rd place by the public

Experience & Education