I am a bright positive self motivated and talented individual with a strong passion for life and all things beautiful. It is my on going desire to do what I love for a living, and that is to visualize and create! I have experience in casual clothing design and execution with graphic and trims. I enjoy designing from the smallest detail to the over all big picture. Being a fahion designer with great experience i am an storyboard artist too.Want to do a lot and lot in fahion.

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    CATEGORY ce Designe - Bottoms ( r Creating an Jeans ) d developin range and g whole VECTOR ART concept fo jeans r men's den im ) - Jeans r ( Boys b 2012 High Sta 011- Fe 2 January sign - H ead PHOTOGRAPHY AT ION - De s ( Jeans ) DESIGN 3 CA Creatin j TEGORY developing wh nim range a eloped this b eans. D its nam g and nd co ev - Bottom e to log o ti ole r kids d ncept fo rand from ll finish e ed prod uct PHOTO - MANIPULATION Paper Rocket ( Boys - Jeans )

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    kamaldevra12@gmail.com DESIGNATION - Freelancer CATEGORY - Bottoms ( Jeans ) Creating and developing the range and concept for boys denim jeans. Gave brand name, designed logo and the complete collection 4 in LINKED - IN linkedin.com/in/kamaldevra Tulip ( Men T- December 201 shirts ) 0 - June 2011 Cf coroflot coroflot.com/kamal devra - Freelancer DESIGNATION 5 CATEGORY - T- Fro g m fabric selec raphic design for men t-shir Shirts ts tion to source s and sample f FACEBOOK facebook.com/kamaldevra ' ouls d 'Yo u ng S ups, ow Please ask me to 20 d11 calle ent, foll and Mod e arch a hirts A La 010 - M rand He ms and S r young ork dev ries, han men l ine opm el g tag show you my work 2 B o -w o April nation : rts, Bott oncept f dery, art f color st o Des ig -s hi e, c ro i d o y-T rang emb eate em. at egor d whole ints and brics, cr n ith th C lope he p r of fa tio w Deve ned all t lection oduc ated ir ts pr co-ordin g Desi ing and se d sh d s an ction an tom odu dyin g me.. s ou rc bot r pr s hirt n on ti ls. hirts o rers, rs, t- natio labe lled T-s orkers f anufactu en printe tp rese e w Hand nted job denim m ers, scr s. e rmen i h k ie ac h ga ons. Appo w up wit shirt ma laundr n and e ggesti g o u Follo makers s washin collecti d gave s rt n y n er t-shi enim jea the read d sales a sign d De gner woven Ruff d h n Desi and nted wit keting a Hea d e r ead s an r. Pres rted ma ) me H cessorie ange po B rand beca al ac Cl iff H Sup Boys 010 later met ka ding ruary 2 Designer igning io ns . Metalli (Lea eb es llect ke- E Ruff 001 - F oined a Head D 2 April nation : J s wear n wi se co asons li easo r every s e ls fo llowe d oms s tai X g Desi ry - Bott tags. go g for ting crea themes f o cess or d de y an ng . gi Cate and han ign team concept e ac al packe P ls es labe d the d d board sourcing ith comp with fin ts. . let time . ade ng moo s and s w arment en n on E He opi D ...



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Always look ahead.what is next.....