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  • karthi keya

    Automotive Design, 3D Modeling

    Bangalore, India

I'm Studied MSc. Automotive Product Design affiliated by Coventry University(UK). Two years worked in Singapore as a Supervisor in Manufacturing, and Returned India in 2012. Past one year I'm developing my portfolio in Alias. and looking job in Alias sculpting with related to Automotive Industry. +918050857277

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Work History

K. KARTHIKEYA Contact No.: +91-8050857277/ +91- 8015716266 E-Mail: karthikeya27@gmail.com Aspiring to scale heights in automotive industry, styling and Development with an organization of High repute ABRIDGEMENT • Expertise in designing the product using Alias, Solidworks, Catia-V5, and AutoCAD. And developing detailed drawing, co-ordination with internal departments & external customers. • Knowledge of Product design tools and practices used for designing the products. Tools like VOC (Voice of customer), QFD, TRIZ and DFMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly). • Experienced in manufacturing processes, jigs & electrode designing and CNC EDM programming. Handled highly accuracy Parts and achieved excellent surface finishing. • Expertise in quality control, handled CMM, profile projector, Micro scope and digital height gauge. • Experienced in GD&T and 3D Tolerance skills. • Excellent relationship and management skills, ability to relate the people at any level of business and management. TECHNICAL PURVIEW • 3D Surface modeling : Alias Studio Tools-2012, CATIA V5 R-17, Solidworks-2010, • 3D Solid Modeling : SolidWorks-2010, CATIA V5 R-17 • 2D Drafting : SolidWorks-2010, CATIA V5 R-17, AutoCAD 2010 • 2D Graphics : Adobe Photoshop CS5, CorelDraw 12 • Rendering : Hypershot, Bunkspeed-pro, Keyshot-3 CAREER SCAN Nov’09 to Dec 11 Avantek Pte Ltd., Singapore Job Responsibility: Supervisor CNC EDM • Part planning, designing, processing, inspection, shift arrangements, maintenances and documentation. • Study part drawing and identify the no of electrodes & jigs designing • Designed the Jigs and Electrode based on the accuracy of the job • Follow-up the jigs and electrode for the various machining process by sequence wise • Give the instruction to the programmer about the part and electrodes and its programming direction • Explain to the machine operator about part and electrode accuracy and its surface finish • Inspect the Part and electrode with respect to the given drawing GD&T • Documentation of part, electrode, jigs and machine information. • Carryout periodic maintenance and follow ISO Auditing procedures Sep’05 to Sep’07 Avantek Pte Ltd., Singapore Job Responsibility: CNC EDM Programmer • Programming, Electrode design and inspects the part, and machine maintenance. • Study the drawing and find the EDM machining area by sequence wise. • Inspect the electrodes and note down the dimension variation. • Generate the optimized EDM program for roughing and finishing cut • Give the part instruction and its setting direction to the operator • After finishing, Inspect the machined part and check whether actual dimension achieved or not. If not, change the program value and re run the machining. • Carryout the daily & monthly maintenance and document it for the ISO audits. Nov’01 to Sep’05 Ums Radio Factory (Unit-II), Coimbatore Job Responsibility: CNC EDM Programmer • Programming, guidance to operator and part inspection • Study the customer given drawing then check and identify the roughing, finishing electrodes and its spark gap • Calculate the no of pass and its finishing range. • Generate the Optimized EDM Programming for roughing and finishing cut. • Give the part instruction and its setting direction to the operator • Set the current parameters based on the running part requirement. • After finish inspect the part with respect to given dimension. Major Attainments: • Pioneered the process of designing the User Interface Product that solved the Ergonomic Problems. • Played the key role in EDM and reducing the setting and running time by using optimized programs. And also reduced the no of scraps. • Achieved highly precision tolerance of 0.002 microns and excellent surface finish of Ra 0.100. ACADEMIA • M.Sc. in Automotive Product Design graduation from Coventry University, UK, in collaboration with M. S. Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore in 2009. • Diploma in Plastic Engineering from C. S. I. Polytechnic, Salem in 2001. ACADEMIC PROJECTS Title : Design of a Furniture Chair for Middle Class People Period : Feb’01 to Apr’01 Details : This project was mainly focusing on the aesthetics and cost effective. This chair molded with FRP (Fiber Reinforcement Plastics) and inside of the chair provided cushion for sophisticated sitting. Title : Design of Motorized Wheelchair for Physically Disabled People Period : Sep’08 to Feb’09 Tools : CATIA-V5, ALIAS-13, Hypershot Details : The project dealt with the process of designing a motorized wheelchair. The motorized wheelchairs using people were interviewed and their feedbacks were documented. Considering their aspirations and also the observations made during the user study, concepts generated within the boundaries of ergonomics and usability. One of the concepts selected as the final concept. All the concepts were modeled using 3D modeling software to understand the product with respect to the environment when it’s used. An appearance mock-up model of the selected concept was constructed for validation and feedbacks were taken from a panel of experts. INDUSTRIAL TRAINING Organization : Plastics and Polymers, Coimbatore Period : May’01 to Oct’01 Role : Injection Molding Maintenance Mold Type : Plastic Washers, Hangers, Electrical Housing Responsibilities: • Managed the task of setting the mold to the injection molding machine. • Prepared the inputs according to the right parameters that was based on the plastic material and size of the product and handed over the machine to the operator. • Unloaded the mold from the machine and maintained the same. PERSONAL DOSSIER Date of Birth : 24th May, 1982 Address : 251/10-3; Singipuram(po), Vazhappady (tk), Salem- 636115, Tamilnadu,India. Languages Known : English and Tamil Marital status : Married


MS Ramaiah School of Advanced studies



Coventry University