Storytime with Grandpa - A short animation made using Flash and Photoshop CS5
Excess - Finished at the very last minute! A boy ends up coming upon a monster outside his town

I definitely wanted to experiment with no dialogue to tell a story visually, but the music and extra little sounds definitely help make the tone a lot clearer. Atleast I hope

Anyways, Hope you enjoy it!

Runtime: 2 minutes
Music: David Powers and Sherbethead
Background Voices: Noah Scammon
Everything else: Me

All music was used with permission :)
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ChristMASS Inc. - Christmas short film. Written by Joshua Tomar
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I am Adam - Short film for coping with death. Lien Foundation
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The Crew Talks Art - A short film for Clock Day on Newgrounds
Collin and the Wishing Tree - Short film created in Adobe Flash. Written by Joshua Tomar

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