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  • Keith Moy

    Houston, TX

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Keith Moy is a Texas-born Industrial Designer that has always considered himself a visual artist at heart. He loves to create images using a pen, pencil, marker, paintbrush, aerosol can, paper and glue, camera, digital tablet, computer, cnc machine, and whatever else he can pick up and manage to make something with. He enjoys flooding his optic nerves with images and video. His greatest stress relief is bike riding. Keith lives for the things that make him laugh, smile and think, and hopes his work can do the same for others. EDUCATION: B.S. in Industrial Design - University of Houston - Houston, TX, USA - May 2010 EXPERIENCE: Designer/Fabricator at BuildYourCNC.com Product Design: new CNC machine kits and components R&D: technology, design, and marketing Illustration: technical diagrams + instructions CAD/CAM: design, modify/update files Electronics Assembly: - Plug-and-play CNC electronics kits (+ software installation) - SMD pick-and-place machine operation - Hand Soldering - Electronics Testing Video Production: instructional and promotional videos (plan+shoot+edit+upload) Photography Tech Support / Product Troubleshooting over email/telephone/video-call Quality Control of machine kits Machine Shop Coordinator / CNC Operator at BuildYourCNC.com CNC Router Operation: using Mach3 on Windows Drill Press Operation Table Router Operation Metal Band Saw Operation Power Drill and Jigs Fabricate parts for CNC machine kits using a CNC router and various machines and power tools while keeping a clean and safe shop environment Shipment drop-off and pick-up Bookmaker at Quick Stop Photo Printed, cut and bound books Printed and wrapped canvases Digital photo restoration Packaging and shipping 3D Illustrator at Jump2 Group 3D Product Visualization (rendering) using Maya Technical Illustration using Photoshop Photo Editing Intern at Acumen Design Product Concepts Photoshop rendering Brand Identity Graphic Layout Vector art + Logos


University of Houston