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PUF is a metered dose inhaler concept designed to offer users a product they are proud to own. This ergo focused, refillable inhaler promotes proper use, while providing a sustainable alternative to today's disposable inhalers. With its compact form and eye-catching color options, PUF is a transformative asthma accessory.
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ERGONOMICS // Designed around a relaxed, 45 degree grip position, PUF alleviates shoulder and neck pressure. With its comfortable form factor, PUF encourages proper use, every time.
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POCKETABILITY // PUF is compact and self-contained, making it the perfect pocket companion.
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SUSTAINABILITY // PUF is reusable with each new refill canister.
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COLORS // PUF comes standard in black and white. Special edition PUFs are offered in copper, aluminum, and cobalt.
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SAFETY // The prescription label is revealed through a transparent section of PUF's casing. Visibility to the canister deters inadvertent use and allows for the user to verify its contents. 

PUF also has a built-in locking feature that prevents accidental spraying while the mouthpiece cover is in the closed position.
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