Rush -
“The paradox of our time in history is that we have more conveniences but less time. “We have wider roads” faster cars and machines that enable us to speak to anyone, anytime, from anywhere - yet we see people less often. At time of digital people, de-humanized voices, faces and bodies. “A time of talking more and communicating less”, where people have numbers not names.

A time of “fast foods”, slow digestion, quick fixes and temporary health, “more powerful people with smaller character, steeper profits” and surface relationships. “We spend too recklessly” work too hard, “laugh too seldom, drive too fast, get too angry," stay up too late, get up too tired, “read too little," watch TV too much, and “pray too seldom”. We have more income, and more people on the streets, more food and more starving.

“These are the days of quick trips,” temporary homes, detached communication, “disposable diapers, one night stands and overweight” underused, less appreciated bodies. A time when you can buy anything from new skin, new hair, a trip to the moon. A time when dropping a pill will “do everything from cheer to quiet to kill."

“We’ve learned to Rush, but not to wait”. We’ve learned to value the quick fixes not the slower lasting ones. (Quotes by George Carlin)
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rush concept sketches
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rush concept
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spill filing boxes

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