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Tanita: BC-566 Body Composition Monitor

BC-566 is a premium body composition monitor developed for female market in Japan - it's main target were women in their 30's who desire to pursue their own personal goals. Later on I was involved in developing a modified version of this design (BC-581) which was sold in the European market.
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Tanita: BC-566 Target Market Research

This is target market research done during the development of BC-566 . I proposed three potential markets:

1. Family Summer Vacation - Market which encompasses immediate family

2. Family Ties - which encompasses immediate and extended family

3. Love Myself Love My Life - which encompasses women in 30’s who desire to pursue their own personal goals. They follow latest health trends, buy latest beauty products and join popular fitness centers. This is the group which was chosen as the target for BC-566 body composition scale.
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Tanita: TF-219/205/204

TF-219/205/204 were mid-range body fat monitor developed for the Japan market.
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Tanita: WB-260 Medical Weight Scale

This is a weight scale designed for hospitals and medical offices. One ergonomic consideration was to place the buttons at the front and enable the flipping of LCD text. A nurse or a doctor could sit in front of the scale and easily operate the scale to check the weight of multiple subjects.
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Tanita: KP-601 Carat Scale

KP-601 Carat Scale is a high precision jewelry scale which utilizes a wind cover and two LCD displays (one for the gem/jewelry seller and one for the customer).

I was responsible for designing external & internal features as well as the hinge. One requirement was to enable the cover to lock in such a way that it secures anything held inside, making it easier to transport. Gem-like angled surfaces were utilized on the transparent cover - a styling direction which seemed most appropriate considering the market.

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Tanita: HC-211 Alcohol Checker

This is a professional alcohol checker made for a market which must frequently use such devices (truck drivers, taxi drivers, heavy machinery operators. It has a removable mouth piece to accommodate multiple users. The design also implemented an easily removable chemical cartridge - a part which is responsible for checking the alcohol level and can be quickly used up if HC-211 is used frequently by multiple users.
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Tanita: TT-533 Kitchen Thermometer

TT-533 is a kitchen thermometer which utilizes internal components from an older product of the same category (to reduce cost). The challenge was to create a more playful image despite having to use older and bulkier internal components.
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Tanita: PD-643 Watch Style Pedometer

This is a watch style pedometer which happens to be one of early projects that I dit at Tanita. The challenge was to create a new, fresh and sporty image while utilizing an exisiting movement from an older product of the same category.
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Tanita: Solar Scale Project

This was a conceptual project for a solar powered glass platform composition monitor with silk-printed graphics underneath the glass. Silk-printed graphics were supposed to capture an eco-friendly or power-efficient image. My feeling was that the eco image should either utilize elements from nature or project a high-performance & high-tech image (which can be seen in some of the more recent prototypes of hybrid and electric automobiles).
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Tanita: HD-381/HD-382/HD-383 Glass Scale

This is a series of low-cost glass scale concepts (with silk-printed graphics) which was initially developed for the China market. Later on many of these concepts were sold in countries like Japan and Russia.
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Tanita: HD-383/UM-040/UM-041 Body Fat Scales

This is a series of glass platform body fat scales with silk-printed graphics. They were originally developed for the China market but also found their way into other markets like Russia.
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Tanita: HD-386 Compact Digital Scale

This is a small, portable multi-purpose digital scale with a glass platform. Numerous concepts were originally proposed, but Tanita's product planning division decided that the design should be simple and the color scheme should follow a theme of vacation destinations. A typical customer would theoretically be someone who travels alot and might have a need for a portable scale.
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Tanita: KD-191 Kitchen Scale

This is a kitchen scale which can accomodate a photo and can be configured into a picture frame mode. A transparent cover with release tabs was utilized to hold the photo and a rotating hinge was implemented to allow the scale to transform into picture frame mode. This scale started selling at electronic shops in Japan during the fall of 2010 but since then has been sold in other countries including in USA.
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Tanita: Weather Station Project

This was a wireless weather station conceptual project which was supposed to utilize two temperature/humidity sensors (one for inside the house and the other for the outside of the house). The styling of the product was supposed to accomodate a novelty gift market since most products of such category were sold in Japan's novelty shops.

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