MobileView Solutions - Logo for MobileView Solutions, a security and communications company for buses and large fleet vehicles. Different comps for background variation.

Environmental Display:
Ketone Pharmaceuticals - Logo for hypothetical company Ketone Pharmaceuticals. The geometric design is meant to reflect the scientific principles of Ketone: clean, precise, and elementary.

environmental display here:
Personal Logo - I have an interest in interlocking and overlapping typography, as you can see in my personal logo and from some of my posters.
Hot Shots - Logo for my Exit Show promotional piece. Design was based around a jar filled with fireball candy. When people would get a piece of candy they could read who was in the show and when it was.
Instant Replay - Logo design for Instant Replay, a motorcoach surveillance company. Proposed final logo and alternate versions.
Urban Pirates - Created for a hypothetical boat tour company called Urban Pirates. The logo was meant to be colorful and tropical, but have familiar imagery to tie in the urban identity.
Mule Fest - Logo for Mule Fest, an annual music festival in Athens, Georgia.

Mule Fest website:
Mule Train Records:
Adirondack Lumberjacks - Logos for the Adirondack Lumberjacks, a minor league baseball team. The first is the main team logo, the second is the jersey logo. These were created with the intent to blend old style script logos with newer graphical elements in order to appeal to the widest audience. Used in my Exit Show.

Identity here:

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