I am a third year industrial design student in process of refining my portfolio. I am actively seeking internships and various work opportunites.

Work Samples

  • Philips Compact Blowdryer

  • Loose Cannons Clothing

  • Kanto Speaker Design

Work History

Kevin Reid is an undergraduate at the industrial design program at Carleton University. His accomplishments in the field of design have pushed beyond the workload of the institution, and explored his personal ambitions with the creation of a successful clothing company along with design contracts for Kanto Speakers and a waterfront restaurant in BC. His strengths lie in sketching and ideation, model making, user-focused solutions, a high regard for aesthetics, and graphic design work. His involvement in national level sports and acceptance on the varsity soccer team at Carleton have transcended into a strong aptitude for teamwork, a competitive mentality, and an entrepreneurial hunger injecting a fresh perspective and an efficient, progressive attitude in any environment. Education: Bachelor in Industrial Design at Carleton University - Spring 2012 Skills: Sketching Model making Photoshop Illustrator Solidworks Pattern work


Carleton University





VP of CIDSA - 2010