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Work History

Creative person to hire. *Education* 2000-2004 Emily Carr University-Vancouver, B.C B.A.Degree in Industrial Design 1999 Camosun College-Victoria, B.C. General Studies 1998 St. Andrews High school-Victoria, B.C. *Skills* Brand development Product development Model building Sketching + illustration Photography Video editing (basic) Large format printing( Onyx software) Vinyl application Car wrap design and application Vinyl lamination Gerber Edge digital printing + maintenance Graphtec plotting Signage installation Problem solving Communication skills Leadership + teamwork skills Management *Languages* English/Polish + squirrel talk. *Software* Illustrator Indesign Imovie Final Cut Pro (basic) Powerpoint Word Acrobat Onyx Gerber Omega-Composer GSPPlot *Work Experience* (contact information can be provided upon request. Thank you) 2008-2009 Hawaii_USA Client: Vasper Responsibilities: Branding + product development + marketing Contact: Peter Wasowski_Owner 2010 Victoria, B.C. Client: Telocate Systems Inc. Responsibilities: Branding Contact: Jonathan Fischer or Dawn Black 2011-2013 Montreal, QC Client: Wawel Patisserie Responsibilities: graphic design Contact: Thomas Client: Arts Café Responsibilities: Menu design Contact: Michel Client: Metal Music Band Responsibilities: Costume design Contact: Jean Francoise 2011-2015 Victoria, B.C Client: Hungry Rooster( Food truck & Kitchen) Responsibilities: Branding + video promotions Contact: Paulina and Janina 2012-2014 Victoria, B.C. Employer: Signs of the Times Responsibilities: Management + Print production + vinyl application + car wraps + sign installations + graphic design + customer service Contact: John Ripply (production manager) + Dan Hanson (owner) 2013 Victoria, B.C. Client: TedXVictoria_Dr. Hunt Responsibilities: graphics for presentation Contact: Dr. Hunt Client: The Doughboys Responsibilities: Photography of product and clients Contact: Luke Roberts Client: Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group(IPSG) Responsibilities: Logo Client: Spa in the City Responsibilities: Brochure 2014 Victoria, B.C. Client: Good Fellows Café Responsibilities: Branding Contact: Ola Client: Handyman Responsibilities: Branding Contact: Marek Client: Dan Hanson Responsibilities: Photograph Songhees Centre Contact: Dan Hanson 2015 Vancouver, B.C. Client: Cottonwood Holistic Horticulture Responsibilities: Branding Contact: Jen Hello, Are you looking for a creative, energetic, hard working and a super fun human to work with? That’s me! Let’s connect and make something beautiful together. KTOK Karolina Tokarski


  • Emily Carr University

    • B.A.Degree in Industrial Design
    • 2004