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Intersection: 4 Cities/360 People - The Irish have a saying, “a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.” However, the reversal is equally valid. A friend can at times be but a stranger who has happened to cross your path.

This fundamental revision of thinking is especially relevant given the global context we now live in. Development of cosmopolitan centers, communication technologies and cheaper transportation have opened new opportunities to whose paths we intersect.

Spanning the period of over four years, the designer meticulously documented the people she met. A collection of these encounters is assembled into a book* which explores the dynamics of both connections and interactions; statistical facts are translated into colorful narrative dialogues reflective of her own multicultural landscape. The goal was not to create information graphics rather to stay true to the content and show how graphics can be transformed by information.

*Recently awarded one of the "Most Beautiful Swiss Books" of 2004

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