Gold Script Obsessed Bespoke Jeweller found in London's Diamond District - Hatton Garden. Working as a trained Gemmologist and arranging private viewings for each client at the London Diamond Bourse - Laura has built an extremely loyal international clientele who result in owning not only rare and precious gemstones, but each a beautifully hand crafted designer piece. Coming from a background of graphics and graffiti, Laura gathers her urban scrawl into long lines of poetry, draping the intricate calligraphy over delicate wrists and hands. Working these lines into 18ct Gold and Platinum - she draws across the body in Japanese inks to capture the true flow and contour of the human form. Lifting the designs literally from the body means that each piece fits and compliments the wearer perfectly. Like her own stories - she takes lines from poetry, songs and wedding vows - weaving the text into a new tumbling pattern of words - each verse dictating its own structure. Wrapping words across the body is an intimate and private way to show sentiment, much like the script that is hand engraved into each new ring. "The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”

Experience & Education