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  • Lauren Peone


    Rochester, NY

I'm a designer who is extremely passionate about what I do and have been doing it for 8+ years now. This is far more then a job for me...I am head over heels in love with design. My degree in both photography and graphic design blend very well together leading to the highly educated and versatile creative director I am today! www.laurendesigns.com www.ifreelance.com/pro/22815

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  • Skateboard designs

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laurendesigns is a professional creative services studio that conceptualizes, creates and executes design for all types of projects. Because we are a smaller firm, we can offer our clients competitive pricing, with as professional and unique styling as our larger, more expensive counterparts. We aren�t happy unless our client is completely satisfied, and with our extensive background in the arts, we can take our imaginations to anywhere your project needs to go�.and �outside the box� is one of our favorite places! laurendesigns creative director's background includes a BA in Fine Art and Advertising Photography and MA in Computer Graphics Design, with extensive knowledge of many mediums. She has served as an adjunct professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, teaching several courses in the School of Design including but not limited to Elements of Graphic Design, Typography I, Type and Image and Raster Imaging while at the same time maintaining her business serving a wide range of clients for almost 10 years now. Our design appeals to everyone from the punked out grunge rocker to the clean-cut corporate head honcho. We have experience meeting the demands of each, and most everything in between. We work diligently and always go the extra mile giving you every bit and +more+ of what you have invested in us! Just look at our work, we are an award winning firm! Please visit our website or iFreelance site for more information, latest updates and full portfolio: www.laurendesigns.com and www.ifreelance.com/pro/22815 Feel free to contact the head honcho, aka Lauren, at laurendesigns@yahoo.com with request for a more formal resume.


Rochester Institute Of Technology



Addy Award winner several years in a row!