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Rock Band 2 Premium Drums LEAKED - http://www.rockbandmods.net/news/mad-catz-rock-band-instruments-releasing-next-week

* Based on authentic electronic drum kits
* Added high hat (with foot pedal)
* Crash cymbal
* Fully adjustable drum heads (includes two axis motion and can be repositioned)
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Bass Concept Rendering LEAKED - http://www.rockbandmods.net/news/mad-catz-rock-band-instruments-releasing-next-week

* Licensed Fender Precision bass styling
* Comfortable thumb rest
* Custom finishes for enhanced realism
* Whammy effect via volume knob
* Split strum bar for fast finger action
* Oversized tuning keys
* Durable plastic construction
* Wired USB connectivity

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Rock Band 2 Mic LEAKED - http://www.rockbandmods.net/news/mad-catz-rock-band-instruments-releasing-next-week

* Built-in controller - easy navigation through all in game menus
* High quality soft-touch finish
* High profile pop / wind screen
* Convenient lock/unlock button
* Wired USB connection
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Rock Band 2 Portable Drums LEAKED - http://www.rockbandmods.net/news/mad-catz-rock-band-instruments-releasing-next-week
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Rock Band 2 Telecaster LEAKED - http://www.rockbandmods.net/news/mad-catz-rock-band-instruments-releasing-next-week

* Licensed Fender Telecaster styling
* Perfectly scaled with high detail
* Built for speed - new, improved strum bar and quick response fret buttons
* Programmable strum
* Telecaster Bridge Plate used for Whammy
* Smooth Hot-Rod Red finish
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Funny Blog - http://sarcasticgamer.com/wp/index.php/2008/06/mad-catz-wants-you-to-rock-out-with-your-cash-out.html

Funny compiled image from the Amazon leak.

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