Professor/Designer/Marketing Strategist - all in one! Academically trained as an architect, L. David received his B.A. in Architectural Studies in 2003. From there he pursued architecture working in various firms from 2005 -2008. In 2008 Mr. Stewart completed his first Master’s Degree , and met with a turbulent market after the real estate bubble crashed. Where most of an architectural background struggled, Mr. Stewart moved into consultancy with his hybrid design and marketing companies, Design AnalySynth/Knowpe!!! Honing his skills, he went on to complete a MBA with a focus in marketing in 2012 after 3 yrs. of consulting, on projects ranging from strategic design, to graphic design and architectural design. With a diverse educational background, that includes over 12 years in architecture, (residential, commercial, institutional, drafting and design) 16 years of graphic design, and 7 solid years of Marketing in various capacities (Social media strategist, PPC, SEO, SEM, branding, product marketing management, experience marketing, and more), as well as international marketing experience with work in countries such as Canada, England, and Haiti, Mr. Stewart has an evolving perspective professionally and has a diverse pool of experiences to draw from. Currently Mr. Stewart has entered into academia, teaching at Harrington College of Design where he is sharing some of his innovative processes to students merging social media, design and marketing. With almost two years of teaching French exchange students in the practical usages of digital marketing with a professional practice twist Professor student is working on creating the future marketing and advertising execs throughout America and Europe. Mr. Stewart's approach to marketing has gotten proven results as well as his work as a designer that is renowned. Combined experiences as well as lateral thinking and education make Mr. Stewart an asset for any organization willing to think OUT the box.



Experience & Education