Leonard Harris Leonard Harris is a multitalented designer, producer/director. Leonard got his start in the entertainment business working as a stage hand for the Marshall Lindsey School of Dance, a small family run dance and charm school where he learned all about stage production at an early age. Soon after Leonard became a writer and producer of music and worked for Men on Business Records where he wrote and co-produced music. His accomplishments include works such as the Cha-Cha with Mr. C. the slide man AKA Casper and Bounce it By major Pain of the Mob Squad, and the Late MC Breed, receiving Gold and Platinum Record awards for his part. He then decided to pursue a degree and entered The International Academy of Design and Technology majoring in video and animation to expand his skills and abilities into film. Leonard has filmed for the MS Society, The Lupus Foundation, the Chicago Food Depository, independent fashion designer Deon Howard, and the Imagine fashion show put on IADT/Chicago. upon graduation Leonard plans are to continue to pursue a career in film and audio editing.


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