Leo Yiu (born 1979 in Hong Kong) graduated in Industrial design at Institution Vocational Education (IVE). He worked as a designer in various famous design companies such as Viceversa and Living Gear in HK. Design from inner passion, creating humor and pleasure in our daily life he always being fascinated with creating novelty products. He is convinced that "Even the most common object has a soul."

Work Samples

  • simpLism

  • tastEful

  • nOvelty

Work History

Freelance experience...............++ e-My (Guzzini) VICEVERSA Nextime Giordano Small protatoz Ltd Grand Mart Industrial Ltd very welcome



RADOSTAR PRIZE 2011 "Champion (product design)" KAPOK PRIZE 2010 "The Best of the Best Award" Award of Hong Kong Original product design competition "(Certificate of Merit)2004 (Runner-up)2003 " WGD Awards 2001, "Good design product selection"