Hurricane - The Fibonacci sequence, which appears in plants, higher organisms and natural phenomena, has such perfect structure and
formativeness as to be called a ratio of God. The innovative design was achieved using this optimum mathematical resolutin.
The Hurricane's wheel made from a single rim combines previous complicated suspension systems into one,
which has a new formative beauty that could not be found in the previous wheel.

Designed by with HoYung Joo
Hurricane - The tire with a deep thread provides theinitial buffering function, and the remaining shock is absorbed by the rim of highly elastic material.
The control by the rim of the elasticity through variable air pressure provides optimum buffering function according to the road condition.

Designed by with HoYung Joo
Hurricane - The fiber protecting the seed of fruit plays the maximum role in the minimum space,according to the Fibonacci sequence.
Such a structure of the fiber was applied to the automobile's space frame structure to assure the passengers safety, just as the seed is protected.
The Nature's mathematical principle has even a formative aspect, which makes possible the functional and visual innovation to automobile's design.

Designed by with HoYung Joo
Hurricane - Each part of the Hurricane, which is designed based on the nature's element, has excellent formativeness,
so it may be used for environmental formative works, such as a bollard or a bench, even after it has lost its function and become a waste.

Designed by with HoYung Joo
Hurricane - Designed by with HoYung Joo
Hurricane - Designed by with HoYung Joo
Hurricane - Rendering
HERB - Continual development of nano-technology enable to bond of chlorophyll molecule to plastic.
The HERB altered an exhaustive role of existing automobiles into a productive one
by using this advanced material.

It purifies from the pollutant with positive ions to negative ions.
The HERB which contains 2/1000(two-thousandth) hectares of chlorophyll absorbs 0.7t of Co2 and releases 0.5t of O2.
It is same oxygen's amount which 2 men can breathe.
HERB - Transpiration and emission of chlorophyll as well as air purification byemitting anions create pleasant indoor environments.
The window size larger to emphasize openness andincrease the amount of light for indoor space.
HERB - Interior Motives
Design awards 2008 Final list

Best Use of Technology Categories Finalist
Best Eco Design Catedories Finalist
Pteranodon - MTB frame
Pteranodon - MTB frame
Pteranodon - MTB frame

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