Pedro the Lion - Two band posters I created in order to work with type and imagery to come up with a design and style reflective of the bands and their music.
Caribou - Posters for "Fishbone Productions" a faux compnay I made up that "put on" the shows for the band posters I created. Caribou is another band poster in which i worked with type and imagery.
Meet the Fish - Never Let Go is from something I always imagined as a kid, to have hot airballoons on strings instead of regular balloons. "La Vie en Rouge" translates to The Life in Red, is my visual take on my friends tattoo. She has the phrase on her arm.
Two more inspirational posters. "We Are #'s and Wires" came from being tired of being associated with numbers and always feeling somehow connected to technology. "Spit It Out" came from frustration over being stuck on some writing I had been working on.
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Modest Mouse Poster - Poster I made for fun promoting the Moon & Antarctica Album from the hit band Modest Mouse
GEN ART e-vite - Evite created for a music event in San Francisco California. This invite was sent via email to guests.
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Amexicano Movie Poster - Designed the poster for the movie Amexicano for the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.
Photo by Valerie Snyder

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