Hey there, all my works here some for my school projects, and some for my work projects, and some just for fun, welcome to my little world :D

Work Samples



  • Time s Up Project - RORO

Work History

BVB Design Studio was founded in late 2004, full name is Bunny Vs. Bear Design Studio. Works involved in product concept design, product re-design, product development, product packaging design, product graphic design, product photography, graphic design, visual identity design, web design, interior design, etc.. Roro & Eero who all graduated from Birmingham Institute of Art & Design are the main members of BVB Design Studio, common interests and similar understandings of things & designs make them work together under their different personalities, they do not like to confine anything, and believe everything has its possibility, there is no bad design only the imperfect design. Not noly they focus on the details & integrity of design but also the new ideas, meanwhile, they focus on every part of concept, design, production and marketing, and many projects are achieved under their leadership, therefore, each BVB member’s strengths will go to the top. From BVB’s inception to 2011, there were more than one hundred projects in different areas, this portfolio only showed the selected works.


  • Birmingham Institute of Art and Design

    • MASTER Product Design
    • 2009 - 2010