How it works: 1) a colored LED is attached the pendulum, 2) a pinhole camera lies beneath the pendulum....
3) swing the pendulum and capture the image, 4) Develop the instant film. A simple spring push-button and gear/crank/rollers mechanism are used to develop the instant film.
A study to determine the visual language of the toy. Ended up going for the ‘toy camera’ aesthetic. (The term ‘toy camera’ is a little misleading. Toy cameras are less expensive, simple film cameras that are fully functional. It’s a term within the field of photography, they aren’t the usual toys you would imagine)
The double pendulum allows for movement along two axes, instead of a single point, resulting in more varied outputs.
The width of the pinhole is calculated to work with the height of the box, in order to capture the light within the area of the instant film.

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