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<p>LUKE NORMAN PRICE DOB: 25/05/1986 239 Stroud Avenue Willenhall West Midlands WV12 4DA. UK e: m: +44 (0) 7800565509 t: @lnpdesign Profile I am a Coventry University Graduate from the Industrial Design program. I have a passion for all things design and gaining inspiration from Illustration to Sculpture and Architecture. I maintain a keen awareness of trends, using those trends as further inspiration to develop my individual style. My personal style is simply, elegant and functional, When designing products I try to create clutter free products with a minimal amount of parts. Brands I typically relate too and have a passion for are Apple products, Time design Watches, German car makers such as Audi and Swedish Design. Using organic materials in a beautiful way is something I have always loved about Swedish Design. I would love to apply my passion and creativity to a position working on live projects, adding to my experience and help me become a mature professional designer. Experience Concept Group International - Jan 24th 2011 1 Week Alias modeling Experience - Exterior modeling looking to improve on the skills I have gained from experience. Possibility to go back for another week in the near future to gain some more experience and improve again on my skills SHADO &ndash; July 2009 &ndash; to present Design Consultant Contributions to various Automotive &amp; Transport sketch and ALIAS projects for external clients. Projects which have included: Concept Design sketches for a Military Vehicle. Design themes for a SAAB exterior &amp; interior concept. Design theme sketches for Volvo Truck. Theme &amp; Presentation Design works for a Chinese Truck manufacturer. Concept &amp; Design themes for a Luxury Coach, produced for a Major European OEM. Design Themes for a Sports Commuter Vehicle. Aquila-TV 4 months internship March 2010 - June 2010 Graphic Designer I have recently finished an internship with Aquila-TV, whilst I was there my duties were to produce graphics, storyboards and editing video projects. I have worked on storyboards for a Road awareness video in which Stavros Flatley starred, The video was purely done as a commercial to be shown in Cinemas across the country. Storyboarded the video for, A new competitor to Swoopo bidding auction site. Purpose of the video was to show new users to the site how to purchase their bids and thus bid on their chosen items. Designed a new letter head for a building company, which contracts on large projects for Birmingham City Council. Story boarded a video for Birmingham Style, in which body painted models cat-walked in the High Street. Storyboarded a video bid for Birmingham City of Culture. Plus a range of graphics. Aquila Logo. This was redesigned to be used on updated business cards and promotional flyers. Proposals for a new website, which used Final Cut Pro, as a source of inspiration and as a visual link to the media company. Story boarded a promotional video for Leicester&rsquo;s shuttle bus, to encourage people to use the shuttle bus and reduce traffic in the city centre. Edited promotional videos for South by South West and the Heart of England sites. This included work upon a live music video of Motorhead in Texas, part of the promotion to Lemy movie. P4 CadCam - October 2009 1 month internship This included working on a range of baby furniture to be sold alongside the &lsquo;Intelicot&rsquo;. Created from research into the current ranges of baby products, during a visit to the Baby Show at London Excel, this was used to develop fresh inspirations for the Intelicot range. From the initial research, this was then focused upon baby bedroom furniture, in keeping with the design language of the Intelicot. The design was then produced as an Alias model, consisting of a design for a chest of drawers, with an integrated nappy bin. Personal Projects June 2009 to date Since Leaving University, I have used my own free time to learn as much new software as possible, which has included Maya and 3DS max. I have done some environment art as a project to improve upon those skills . Plus, I have now completed a animation of my Michelin Challenge Design entry, as well as creating an animated waterfall with fluids and particles, to create water effects. I have carried out several projects to improve upon my Alias surfacing, with each project contributing to further improvement in my design skills. These projects are as follows: A BMW race car exterior and interior in Alias directly after finishing University. The main skill obtained from this was use of the Align tools, to create a nicer surface without creases. The next project I modelled was a Mercedes Benz sedan. The skills I obtained from this project were a better use of layers and an increased level of detail. I also included in this, a basic understanding of animation techniques, to create an animation for the doors. I also improved my knowledge of texturing the model in showcase and Bunkspeed rendering with use of Hdri lighting. The next project was for the Michelin challenge Design 2010. With this model I made a significant leap forward in model detail from the previous models, as well as improvements to my knowledge of software. Furthermore, added to the gains in animation, using constraints and motion paths. Plus, improved upon my texturing of models and environments, as well as how to manipulate cameras and render out my animations. This also contributed to gain knowledge on using lights rather then relying on Hdri&rsquo;s. The next project was a Volvo Concept. In this project, I progressed my surfacing skills and investigated understanding the requirements for A class surfacing. This has taught me how to planarize hulls and nuv methods to improve the surfaces, as well as paying more attention to the lines of the surfacing and highlights. Quality again increased with further use of the align tools and aligning objects to curvature. This model also had a vast amount of additional detail in comparison to my previous models. Supply teaching Currently I am a supply teacher for Abc Teachers and Aspire People This involves going to various secondary and primary schools to help teachers on a Teaching Assistant basis or cover for absent teachers. I have been Supply Teaching in between personal and professional projects for the last 12 months now, I am doing this job with a view to go into Teaching as a career have recently applied to do a FE PGCE at BCU ( Birmingham City University ) starting September 2011 . This would allow me to teach 16 yrs + from College and possibly Universities. Education Coventry University - September 2005 - June 2009 Second Upper Class BA Hons Automotive Design This degree has allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge in pursuit to become a professional industrial designer. During my time at Coventry University I have worked on a number of projects including.. Major Project - Extreme Sport Vehicle (Degree show 2009) A vehicle which is capable of carrying sports equipment whilst accommodating 4 passengers in comfort. This was made possible by the vehicle&rsquo;s pear shaped footprint creating a 1+2+1 seating formation. This allowed for space on the exterior of the vehicle to be occupied by surfboards, ski&rsquo;s snowboards, mountain bikes etc. Minor Project - A car interior for disabled users (minor degree project January 2009) This project was to design a vehicle which could accommodate up to 4 wheelchair users in a car no bigger than a Seat Leon. The idea was to make disability vehicles more discreet. The design consisted of seats that could be folded in such a way that there wasn&rsquo;t any need to remove the seats to accommodate for the wheelchairs Willenhall Sports College A Levels: Fine art &ndash; D Design Technology &ndash; C AS Level: Ceramics - C 9 GCSE&rsquo;s - A-C Grade Skills From studying and internships I have acquired various skills which I have listed below; Hand Sketching in various media; biro, pencils, crayons, pastels, markers, etc ALIAS Automotive Showcase Bunkspeed Sketchbook Pro Photoshop &amp; Illustrator Animation Programmes: Maya, 3DS Max &amp; Lightwave Film Editing Programmes: Final Cut Pro, After Effects, DVD Studio Pro &amp; Adobe Premiere Sketch modeling Hard Modeling Clay modeling - (Faber, Chavant and standard ceramics) Learning - X code mac I can complete a Rubik&rsquo;s cube (clocked) 1:39 secs Interests Spending time with friends, family and my dog Playing football, Basketball, Making short film animations Films and music Learning to surf (work in progress ) Formula 1 Awards World in Motion design contest Winner TRE category &ndash; 2006 . References Steve Harper SHADO Ltd Riviera Design Studio Borough Close Paignton Devon 01803 527772 Nat Higginbottom / Julia Higginbottom Aquila TV 94 Broad Street Birmingham B15 1AU 0121 693 1881 Brian Clough Senior Lecturer Coventry School of Art and Design 0247688 8076 Email - Adam Treen Industrial designer P4 CadCam 07886009232 Email -</p>


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world in motion tre winner 2006