I live a peaceful and sedate life so that my art can be colorful and violent.<P> Contact me to discuss a business arrangement. E: tentenorio@gmail.com // Skype: mr.tentenorio // Thanks for your inquiry.

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Work Resume of: Alan "Ten" Tenorio Graphic Designer/ Illustrator tentenorio@gmail.com • Main Objective: a) In-house employment as an Apparel Graphic Designer. b) Assist Marketing and Ad Dept. with photo-retouching of product images. • Qualifying Skills: a) Strong foundation of manual art skills: drawing, inking, painting. b) Hands-on understanding of screenprinting technology. c) Mastery of main digital art programs: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. • Employment History: 1) Sole Technology Inc. > Young mens, women and youth apparel and footwear for the skateboarding and snowboarding consumer. 05/08 to 02/10. Position: 1) *Apparel Graphic Artist for eS mens and youth casual clothing 2) Apparel Graphic Artist for Etnies mens and youth casual clothing Outlined Duties Included: 1) *Apparel graphic designer for imprinted tees, fleece, accessories, and hats. Techpacks included. 2) Assistance on technical cads for accessories and hats. Techpacks included. 3) Enhance or correct product shots and prepare for use in catalog, web and sales materials. URL: http://esskateboarding.com/product 2) Scorpion Sports, Inc. > Mens, womens and youth safety gear, apparel and accessories for motor-sports consumers of all ages. 25921 Atlantic Ocean Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630. 10/04 to 12/07. Position: 1) *Apparel Graphic Artist for ExoWear casual clothing and protective outerwear 2) Packaging Design for ScorpionExo products 3) Helmet Graphic Artist for ScorpionExo safety helmets 4) Assistant Copywriting for Scorpion Sports, Inc. safety manuals 5) P.O.P. Design for in-store hanging racks, carousels, etc. 6) Outerwear Concept Artist for ExoWear protective outerwear and external safety gear 7) Advertising Assistant for ScorpionExo product catalogs and salesforce materials Outlined Duties Include: 1) *Apparel graphic designer for imprinted tees, fleece, jackets, fleece, and hats. Techpacks included. 2) Design packaging for helmets, faceshields, gloves. Hangers for jackets and racing suits. 3) Design and concept helmet graphics for men, women, and youth in Street and Dirt categories. 4) Layout safety manuals with technical drawings and descriptions for installation and maintenance. 5) Design cardboard standees, retail displays, banners, table toppers, as well as company vehicle graphic-wraps, etc. 6) Conceptualize casual apparel (polos, hats, dresses), as well as safety apparel (leather jackets, armor, hardware). 7) Create saleforce tool-kits intermittently between full production of annual catalogs. Photo-retouch product shots. URL: http://www.scorpionusa.com 3) Nike International, Limited (Asia-Pacific hub) > Mens, womens and youth footwear and apparel for athletic team sports and young lifestyle interests. Office closed in 2008: 26th Floor, The Gateway, Tower 1, 25 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. New address: Level 37, Standard Chartered Tower, Millennium City, 388 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. *06/04 to 09/04 (On-site contract work in H.K. office). 10/04 to 05/06 (Off-site freelance work from U.S.). Accommodations provided. Position: 1) *Apparel Graphic Design for new mens casual clothing line titled "Nike Classics". 2) Apparel Graphic Design for Nike mens and youth casual clothing Outlined Duties Include: 1) *Pioneer the look and feel for Nike Classics, a Nike heritage-inspired line of mens tees, fleece, and jackets. 2) Contribute to apparel graphics for mens and youth seasonal active apparel line. 3) Apparel graphics for a mens luxury line of tees, knits/wovens, jackets and pants. 4) After completing on-site contract, continued to freelance apparel graphics for mens and youth t-shirts SMU accounts. URL: http://www.nike.com.hk 4) Fourstar Distribution > Mens, womens and youth footwear and apparel for the skateboarding and snowboarding consumer. 1211 Puerta del Sol #170, San Clemente, CA 92673. 03/03 to 03/04. Position: 1) Apparel Graphic Artist for C1rca mens and youth casual clothing 2) Apparel Graphic Artist for C1 Denim mens, womens and youth casual clothing Outlined Duties Include: 1) Contribute apparel graphics (tees, fleece, accessories, and hats) to both C1rca and C1 Denim. Techpacks included. 2) *Eventual full responsibility for graphics for both C1rca and C1 Denim catalog of graphics, with some freelance support. URL: http://www.c1rca.com 5) DC Shoes, Inc. > Mens, womens and youth footwear footwear and apparel for the skateboarding and snowboarding consumer. 1333 Keystone Way, Vista, CA 92083. 03-01 to 03/03. Position: 1) *Apparel Graphic Artist 2) Pre-press Production Artist Outlined Duties Include: 1) *Contribute apparel graphic designs for sessional catalog of mens, womens, and youth casual clothing. 2) Color-separate graphic files for all casual clothing, accessories, hats, etc. Techpacks included. 3) Output film-positives in-house on an Encad™ for all imprinted goods, domestically and internationally produced. 4) Photo-retouch catalog images including portraits and product images. 5) Techdraw final sample shots of apparel and footwear for packaging graphics. 6) Produce new colorways of standardized shoeboxes for all newly released models. 7) Occaasionally, conceptualize images for advertising/p.o.p. department (shoeboxes, in-store product displays, etc. URL: http://www.dcshoes.com 6) Koala Arts, Inc. > Large volume t-shirt screenprinter, servicing businesses, brands and organizations for over 30 years. 3425 Hancock Street, San Diego, CA 92106 (Business closed in 2003). 11/96 to 12/01. Position: 1) Apparel Graphic Artist 2) Production Artist Outlined Duties Include: 1) Custom T-shirt graphic design and production art for all local business accounts (existing customers and new clientele). 2) Production art for brands (DC Shoes, Osiris, 151, Local Motion, Da Hui, Rawson, Animal). 3) Occasionally, assist Local Motion and Da Hui with graphic designs for seasonal catalog. URL: not applicable • Various Past Freelance Contracts: 1) Domestic Offices: O'Quinn, Triumvir, Elwood Skate, Flip Skateboarding, Atomic Ski, Tabletop Enterprises (NFL). 2) Foreign Offices: Nike Asia of Hong Kong, Eizo Footwear of Prague, CZ. • Schooling: If you care foremost about where a person went to college, throw this resume away and sanitize your hands immediately. I never when to college to be a graphic designer; I was interested in fine-art and illustration when I graduated from high school with a 3.5 GPA. After that, I spent 2 years at a community college learning how to see better, and ultimately how to draw better. I learned my trade of apparel graphics completely on the job under the tutelage of the best directors in the world, for some of the best companies in the world. • Personal Interests: Cycling, photography, fashion, cuisine, music, comics, and animation. • Notable Attributes: Devoted, hard worker. Committed to staying up to date with the latest tech and trends, but don't always have to time to blah blah blog. • Professional References: (Available upon request.) • Thank you for reviewing my resume! For a more detailed version, please email me directly for a Word Doc with active links and other important information. Peace!