Teddy - Table lamp designed to be made in plastic. The lamp comes in the form of a teddy bear. As the light comes out of the head, the head can be pivot sideways and top down. The head can be open for light bulb replacement.
Public Bench - A public bench designed to be made with rotational molding. There are 9 individual seats separated by the height of the seats. People may choose to sit facing inward as a group or facing outward as a fewer individuals. The idea is to create a bench that provides enough individual space and connection with others.
Growth - A solid maple wood chair inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. The back leg continues up and separates into two leaves wrapping around and supporting the person sitting.
Droplet - A padded backpack designed for photography hobbyists. There are two compartments, one for SLR camera and one for other personal belongings, separated by a removable wall divider. The backpack allows user to bring SLR camera on daily bases without showing off the camera.
Moon - A fishbowl designed using one 6" long 6" diameter acrylic tube. The moon shape is made by flipping quarter of a tube over.

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