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“Grab Life by the Horns” is a common phrase, one I think hits home for me in the present day. Go out and conquer, make things happen for yourself, take charge and don't wait for it to happen to you, for you — made it happen because of you. Grabbing the bull horns is a direct reference to bull horn handlebars for bicycles, and riding is a great metaphor for life, isn't it? Going for a ride is going out in the world and living, and the way someone rides is quite indicative of their method through life. For those who don't ride, it's like watching the way someone walks, stands, and holds themselves. Without going into such a lesson, grabbing life by the bull horns is my small message to go out and ride.
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I carved my own block after transferring the image from a sheet of paper printed from an inkjet printer
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After seeing so much awesome variation that is the result of hand printing, this goopy, fading style was my favourite. It is visually rich, and replecates a style that is so hard to make on a computer. It is an inspiration, such that I hope more people get off the computer and go back to pen and paper to draw up their plans.

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