Miami, FL, USA e-mail: (305)992-0977 PORTFOLIO PERSONAL STATEMENT A dynamic and results-driven designer / art director, overcoming marketing and communication challenges by researching and understanding the needs and experiences of clients (users/audiences and stakeholders), to skillfully manage, create, design, produce and implement effective and executable experiences. EXPERTISE • Creative / Art Direction • Advertising and promotion design • Brand identity design • Service & process design • Design & innovation management • Photography & video SKILLS - Knowledge • Design thinking & methods • Art direction • Project & design management • Composition, color & typography • Graphic, visual & UX web design • Branding, product and service design • 3D models & environments • Photo & video, retouching & post-prod • Project management - Computer (Proficient use of PC & Mac platforms) • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Premiere • Adobe InDesign • Autodesk 3DS Max • Balsamiq / AxureRP • MS PowerPoint • MS Office • MS Project / Visio COMPETENCIES • Sharp sense of visual style • Advanced-concepting skills • Excellent communication and presentation skills • Strong project management and time management skills • High attention to detail • Inspires creativity and innovation • Analytical skills and tenacity • Strategic, big-picture thinking LANGUAGES • Spanish (native/bilingual) • English (fully bilingual) • German (beginner) AWARDS • Finalist at the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards Competition: 30"TV spot "Cuenta Corriente Union" at/by Pegaso Publicidad (ad agency) • Excellence Award at the "American Bank Marketing Association Advertising Awards Competition", 30"TV spot: Master Card "Generaciones" at/by Pegaso Publicidad (ad agency)

Work Samples

  • Transportation

  • XAYBA Footwear: Creative and strategic brand development & identity design

Work History

  • Presentation Designer

    External consultant at NBCUniversal, Inc., Coral Gables, for the successful completion -to an extremely tight deadline (5 weeks)- of the design and co-production of a presentation for NBCUniversal's 2 day event: "2015 Latin-American Programming Summit"; consisting of over 300 slides, keeping the audience interested in the subjects at all times with a rich exchange of ideas. It was later praised by local and international top executives assisting from London, L.A. and Brazil.

  • Principal/Lead Design Consultant

    • HUIZI PRODUCCION (Sole proprietor)
    • Sep 1991 - Dec 2014 (23 years 3 months)

    Design consultancy services for creatively led business strategy and development, graphic, brand, product & service experiences and visual identity systems. SOME RECENT CONTRACTS (2010 - 2014):
    - MOTO ESCAPE TOURING & RENTAL. Art Director/Lead Designer; Leaded the branding design and business development plan. Successfully delivered brand persona, look & feel, logo, creative copywriting & voice, design of triptychs, posters, banners, stationery, web IA, UX and visual, for their launch in Europe and America; see:
    - STEFANO DI LORETO. Art Director/Lead Designer; personal & professional branding/coaching; concept & creative copywriting, logo design, stationery, website UX/UI design. See
    - PROAVANCA. Art Director/Lead Designer; Concept, strategic planning and brand design and development, B2C information architect/user experience designer, creative copywriting and stationery design. See
    - XAYBA FOOTWEAR. Art Director/Lead Designer; led the successful strategic branding design and differentiation; B2C UX/UI design, brand persona, look/feel and photography, for their launch in the US and Europe. See:
    - UNIVERSIDAD METROPOLITANA (UNIMET). Promotion Campaign Manager/Lead Designer for the Entrepreneurship Campaign (Zona E); concepts, brand design and promotional (logo, voice ©writing, triptychs, posters, banners, web IA & UX design). See:
    - JARDÍN DE LA VEGA. Art Director/Lead Designer; logo and brochure design, location photography (outdoor ambiance). See:

  • Information Designer @ Fedex Innovation

    • FedEx
    • Mar 2013 - Aug 2013 (5 months)

    Contract as external consultant by TEKsystems (Allegis Group). On a 5 month contract for the "Ignite" project. Provided compelling service and information design and communication support throughout the FedEx Innovation process through user experience planning, sketching, visual storytelling, video development, diagramming, presentations, and digital prototyping, to communicate service-design concepts and ideas especially around complex problems. Included project management, resource needs, copy development and coordination of final asset delivery.

  • HUIZI PRODUCCIÓN (sole proprietor) ...cont.

    • idem
    • Sep 1991 - Dec 2012 (21 years 3 months)

    - 2011 Brand & Logo Design at ORBISALUD; labor force health services providers.
    - 2011,Photography, Strategic brand development/ identity design at JARDÍN DE LA VEGA. See: http: // Vega/2730623
    - 2011, Photography at SAZINGG JEWELERS ( See:
    - 2011, Photography, Brand & Logo and Website Design at "LA CURAGUA ". See:
    - 2008; Strategic brand development/ identity design, B2B2C e-commerce at ALUBAT ALFLON, C.A. Kitchenware . See:
    - 2007; Reverse engineering at CTDI - 3D digitizing, CAD re-design. See:
    - 2006 Value analysis and re-design at NOVOSTIL, C.A.
    - 2002 Translate to Spanish for DAKO of Pathology Catalog
    - 2001 Translate to Spanish for THERMO SCIENTIFIC of Pathology Lab Equipment Catalogue
    - 1995/1997 Design of a house / construction project in Margarita Island, Venezuela.
    -1991 Design/Fabrication at CORPORACIÓN BRANDT C.A. Gig for straitening car's frames.
    - 1990 Design/Fabrication at P&C GUAYACÁN C.A.: Tunnel Cleaning Vehicle .

  • Partner

    • MADDIX - Manufactura Digital y Diseño Industrial Extendido, C.A.
    • Jun 2009 - Jun 2012 (3 years)

    Cutting edge consultancy and services in industrial design, 3D white light scanning, 3D printing (ABS FDM) rapid prototyping, CAE simulations.

  • Executive Director

    • CTDI, Centro de Tecnología y Diseño Industrial (Center for Technology & Industrial Design)
    • Apr 2005 - Aug 2010 (5 years 4 months)

    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE “CTDI”, Centro de Tecnología y Diseño Industrial (Centre for Technology and Industrial Design).
    The CTDI is a nonprofit (A spinoff from CONINDUSTRIA, Venezuelan Chamber of Private Industries) dedicated to promote design and open innovation as key-elements for competitiveness. Leaded the ideation, management and development of the institution. During a 5 years period served 96 companies, managing more than 20,200 structured consultancy hours, also developing 8 R & D and design "in-house" projects.

  • Project Executive

    • CONINDUSTRIA / MIF/IADB (Multilateral Investment Fund / Inter American Development Bank)
    • Apr 2000 - Sep 2003 (3 years 5 months),1303.html?id=TC9609465

    Total Cost - Historic USD 2,838,070

    OBJECTIVES: The general objective of the program is to strengthen the market workings of small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses (SMBs) in Venezuela, defined as units employing from 4 to 99 workers. The specific objective is to encourage increased demand for technology consulting services by SMBs for use in production and management. To achieve this objective, it will be necessary to organize the supply of specialized consulting services available in the Venezuelan market. Initially, support will be provided mainly to firms in the areas of textiles, including spinning, garment- making, and clothing; chemicals and plastics; and machine tool production.
    Component I: Establishment of the Central Coordination Unit (CCU) in CONINDUSTRIA.
    Component II: Promotion of the Technical Information and Consultant Referral System (SITRC) .
    Component III: Development and consolidation of a system to promote, train, certify, and provide referrals for consultants.
    Component IV: Delivery of services for technology transfer and adaptation and for consultant promotion and referral.
    BENEFITS : Under the project: (i) a supply of technological services will be developed and consolidated under financial costs and terms accessible to SMBs; (ii) a shift in the culture of small and medium-sized firms towards the use of technical consulting will be encouraged to improve productivity.

  • Business Venture Development Manager

    • TV RED
    • Feb 1999 - Mar 2000 (1 year 1 month)

    Initial negotiations with international program vendors & regional TV broadcasters to assemble a technological network via satellite up-link, in offer to audiences and advertisers of simultaneous nationwide (Venezuela)l broadcast of a prime time programming/advertising-grid.

  • Operations Manager/ Production Designer & Art Director

    • Jan 1994 - Dec 1995 (1 year 11 months)

    Production/Director for more than 15 commercial spots and documentaries, 3D animation

  • Head of Audiovisual Production

    • PEGASO PUBLICIDAD (Banco Unión Group).
    • Jan 1991 - Dec 1993 (2 years 11 months)

    EXCECUTIVE PRODUCER of the agency's TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, Music, Documentaries and Photography.

  • 3D Design/ Animation Manager, Art Director

    • Sep 1988 - May 1990 (1 year 8 months)

    Production/Director for more than 30 pieces including TV Commercial Spots, Documentaries and 3D Animation (AT&T TOPAZ)

  • Founding Partner & Arts Manager

    • Jan 1988 - Aug 1988 (7 months)

    Production/Director for more than 15 commercial spots and documentaries.

  • Production Designer & Art Director

    • Feb 1986 - Oct 1987 (1 year 8 months)

    Design and construction of the post production suite in TODOVISION. Production Designer / Art Director / Set Designer for the production of 42 commercial spots in 35mm film and 1" videotape. All in a 20 month period.

  • Promotions and Marketing Manager

    • Jan 1985 - Dec 1985 (11 months)

    Management for the implementation of the AMEX Community Program in Venezuela "Tome la Batuta"; manager for the the1985 "Tome la Batuta" ("Take the Baton") national tour of the full Orchestra, covering 16 cities over a period of 18 days; Strategic planning, logistics' design and implementation of promotional and fund raising activities (pre-tour to define and adapt concert locations, promotional media interviews, Ad Agency supervision of production, etc.). Ideation and promotion of Special Patrons' concerts, in-house, outdoors and in the Rios Reina Concert Hall of the Teresa Carreño Theater, seat of the OSV (programmed by the OSV's Artistic Director). Obtained from Grey Music, NYC, USA, a donation of John Williams' Star Wars and ET full orchestra sheet music, to program along with Gustav Holst's The Planets, in the OSV's "Galactic" (special for young audiences) Concerts. This position is associated with 1 Honor or Award.

  • Consultant

    • Apr 1984 - Nov 1984 (7 months)

    Strategic Planning Consultant at VOZ Y VISIÓN DE VENEZUELA (then Amex's Think Tank in Venezuela) - Consultant in the team for the ideation of startegy for the American Express (AMEX)-COMUNITY PROGRAMME, in Venezuela, “Tome la Batuta” ("Take the Baton"), Winner of the ANDA (Venezuelan Advertisers Association) 1985 Award for Best Institutional Campaign. Art Director and selection of musical theme for the winning TV Spot.

  • Contract: Branding Designer

    • Grey Advertising Venezuela
    • Aug 1983 - Nov 1983 (3 months)

    Design of a new corporate identity (brand alphabet and logo) for "BANCO CARACAS" previous identity dating from 1890.

  • Intern: Jr. Art Director

    • Grey Advertising Venezuela
    • May 1982 - Oct 1982 (5 months)

    Intern (apprentice) Art Director at Grey Advertising Venezuela (part of the Grey Group) Design internship in compliance with BA Honors requirement to complete an "intern training period".


  • Coventry University

    • BA (Honours) Industrial Design/Transport
    • 1979 - 1983
  • Blackburn College of Technology & Design

    • Foundation Arts Fine/Studio Arts, General
    • 1978 - 1979
  • Liceo Nocturno Cardenal Quintero

    • High School
    • 1976 - 1978
  • Colegio Humboldt, Caracas, Venezuela

    • High School
    • 1971 - 1976
  • St. Leon de Westmount, Montreal, Canada

    • Primary
    • 1967 - 1970
  • St. Paul's Elementary, Montreal, Canada

    • Primary
    • 1966 - 1967
  • Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola, Caracas, Venezuela

    • Pre-School & Primary
    • 1962 - 1966



AWARDS: - 1993.- Finalist at New York Festivals (Unión current account). - 1993.- Excellence Award "American Bank Marketing Association Advertising Awards Competition" (BancUnión MasterCard). - 1985.- AMEX-COMMUNITY “Tome la Batuta” ("Take the Baton") Award for Best Institutional Campaign.