Industrial design studies led me to understand and to appreciate design process. I found the importance of every stage through the project and I am capable to apply my skills for the best result.

Work Samples

  • Service design

  • Illustrations

  • Future public transportation // Helsinki

Work History

I am Lukas Medeisis, 24 years old Lithuanian designer currently graduating from BA in Industrial Designat Helsinki University of Art and Design. Passion for design lead me to move to Finland, country which is well known for its experience in design and the quality of education. In order to pass the school´s entrance exam I have learnt Finnish and developed my skills to adapt to the local way of working. I am financially independent since the age of 19, so besides full time studies I work in bar on the weekends. I feed myself with new challenges and I invest myself to exceed expectations.


University of Art & Design (UIAH)