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Save Our Kangaroo - Save the Kangaroo is a a site against the killing of Kangaroos for leather. I was one of the people asked to design a banner for them. Unfortunatly I wasn‘t notifyed which design won.

All my concepts were designed in Freehand. I wanted to experiment with kangaroo silhouettes, and kangaroo signs.
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Taoist Tai Chi Society – Design: Bag and Tea Towel - I started learning Tai Chi in the beginners class with the Taoist Tai Chi Society in Febuary 2007.

The society is always looking for new designs to promote themselves. This is what I designed.

Everything is drawn in Freehand, besides the chineese writing, which was created in Photoshop.

The design will be showen on bags and tea towels, sold at workshops to raise money for the Tai Chi Society.

I will update this page with a picture of my design on a bag and a tea towel.
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Business Card – Williamstown Weekend Bed and Breakfast - The company wanted to change the address on the back of their business card.

As they didn‘t have the original document I recreated it for them. I used Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. I matched the dark blue with the pantone colours. I created all of the thin lines in Illustrator. I found the font on a website (www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/)
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Business Card – Tidleys Building & Maintenance - The company supplied me with their existing logo, and some information about their company.

I used these things to create them a logo for their business. I designed a couple of concepts, and they choose their favourite. I used Indesign for the layout.

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