Thompson Marconi Brochure - This is a brochure promoting the seismic imaging cabalility of Thomson Marconi's Gaurdian Cable used to locate new fossil fuel deposits in the ocean
New Attitude Conference Poster - This poster was part of a larger promotional package for New Attitude, an organization founded by Joshua Harris to help young adults renew their outlook in life.
New Attitude Brochure - This brochure was part of a larger promotional package for New Attitude. Road trips was the main visual theme of the brochure since that was the primary mode of transpotation of many of the students and also it functioned as a metaphor for a spiritual journey.
Reliant Energy Corporate Folder - This was the cover for Reliant Energy's corporate folder which was designed to hold a variety of marketting collateral and promotional material for use in the wholesale, retail, and corporate sector.
The Children's Museum of Houston Poster - This poster and full page ad commemorates the 10 year aniversary of the Children's Museum of Houston in the Museum District and features some of the children the museum has had a positive impact on.

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