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Las Vegas Travel Guide/The Chicago Tribune - This travel piece for The Chicago Tribune locates and highlights the major hotel-casinos along the Las Vegas strip.

Using a satellite photo, the casinos are pinpointed and brought to the foreground, then highlighted using close-up photography. These images are emphasized within a gambling chip motif, adding to the Vegas theme but utilizing a color-coded legend to indicate hotel cost.
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Geshercity Identity - In Hebrew, the word “gesher” means “bridge.” GesherCity is a non-profit organization with the goal of connecting people to a city’s Jewish community (in essence, the function of a bridge).

The design concept is to merge something connective and welcoming to something Judaic, without becoming overly religious. The logo is clear and refined, able to work with or without supporting typography at small and large scales.

Ongoing involvement includes designing collaterals, such as the promotional fliers, event invitations, informational brochures, animated internet banner ads, as well as a website.

The primary drive is to spread the word about GesherCity, communicating what the organization is and establishing its identity across a variety of medium.
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JAM Design Website - The primary purpose of this website is to showcases the industrial design talents of the given product designer. The site is based on the look and feel of a pre-existing identity, making use of colors and typography, as well as existing content.

The site’s structure is an extension of JAM Design’s printed booklets, which function as portfolios. Each page is built around a visual, supported by additional imagery and information activated by mouse-over action.
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Frog Man & The ABCs of Bees/The Christian Science Monitor - The typical growth cycle of a frog is illustrated below, complimenting a story about an exotic frog breeder. The illustrations at right highlight an article on bee farming, as well as a sidebar piece on different types of bees. Both stories called for naturalistic and detailed full-color illustrations in order to best represent each animal without depending entirely on photography.

The drawings were created using colored pencil and pen and ink.
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Brand Ads / PTC - Photo-illustrations for an ad campaign created at Phillip Johnson Associates use an action-movie theme to promote the latest services of PTC, a tech company specializing in product development and product lifecycle management.

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