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Consistently with an idea of the centre- the Space- we created the interior idea of inhabiting an own galaxy (different every single time, if desired), connected with bright shiny hallways
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the Family room
_Illuminated Barissol lens (with printed galaxy) within the ceiling
_Furnishing in the idea of Zero gravity: down lit in dependance to the color scale of specific Galaxy or Space object (9 planets and the Moon, 10 Galaxies, etc.)
_deconstructed walls to make an distinctive space
_matt/gloss, light/dark, soft/edgy contrastes
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the Family room elevation, plan, materials and furnishing
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the Double room
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Double room

_section, groundplan, materials and furnishing
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_bright and shiny, glossy space in contrast with soothing interiors of hotel rooms
_connecting hotel rooms, relaxation center, back of house and reception
_mirror foil to maze and enlarge the space
_biomorph lower ceiling, back lit with delicate colors
_leading line at the floor level

_room numbers and doors highlighted by UV light, set above each one
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Central hallway

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central hallway

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