Mahima Pushkarna designs human-centered experiences and interactions driven by information and data. She believes in the power of visually compelling narratives to create meaningful engagements with data, particularly at underserved touch points. At the core of her work, is addressing multiple levels in the user's conceptual and cognitive framework, with an emphasis on criticality, empathy and speculative appropriateness. She uses design research as a foundation to create well informed and detail-oriented interactions that leverage the solution space of design across multiple industry verticals. Mahima graduated in visual communication design in 2010 and has since worked on numerous design projects for clients in retail, education, technology, communications and finance. She is currently completing her masters in Information Design & Visualization at Northeastern University, Boston, where she is working in tandem with the Mobile Experience Laboratory at MIT towards her master's thesis. She enjoys gathering diverse experiences and exploring new perspectives, through collaborations and projects. View her work at www.mahimapushkarna.com


Graduate Student Scholarship 2014 - CAMD, Northeastern University, Boston, MA | Emil Wedgie Award 2009- Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

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