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VAF logo & visual - The inaugural Vietnam Advertising Festival was a two days extravaganza at Saigon Zoo where professionals, students and the general public had the opportunity to check a large exhibition dedicated to Cannes Lions 2008 winners (most Cannes Lions categories represented through 100 prints and over 3 hours presentation films) as well as all Vietnam Young Lions finalists' artworks.
An estimated 5000 visitors attended the Festival.
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Vietnam Young Lions logo - The inaugural Vietnam Young Lions competition used the original Cannes Young Lions' one as a blue print with an almost identical set up, rules and selections process. To increase the competition's notoriety, we took the established Cannes Lions logo (top right corner insert) and gave it a younger, vibrant and definitely more irreverent look. The finalized logo received Cannes Lions officials' approval.
VAF logo - landscape - The idea was to incorporate in the logo some basic triangular shapes which would be displayed as an harlequin set for signposting purpose on the festival site.
Top row: early work samples. All logo research done in collaboration with Art Director, Nguyen Thu Hang.
VAF logo - vertical - When convenient, I always aim to create a landscape (see previous file) as well as a vertical version of a logo to be able to easily incorporate it in whatever space allocated.
Right hand-side, early work samples. All logo research done in collaboration with Art Director, Nguyen Thu Hang.
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Online design - The VAF website was quickly created to promote the Festival's content through regularly updated news. A small selection of print/video winners from the forthcoming Cannes Lions 2008 exhibition was displayed to incite visitors to come to the two days event.
The site was also an important tool in the success of the inaugural Vietnam Young Lions competition, giving students and young creatives the option to submit their entry online.
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VAF promotional material - Effective promotional campaign consisted in handing out flyers and putting posters at selected Universities in Ho Chi Minh city. VAF and Young Lions visuals were on display at the festival through standees, programs and stage decoration banners.

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